Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Affiliate Marketing At Its Best

Too many accusations have been hurled against My Lead System Pro (MLSP), calling it a scam or a pyramid scheme. To settle things straight, once and for all, here is an honest review of MLSP.

MLSP, a company in the network marketing or affiliate marketing industry, was founded in 2008 by Norbert Orlewicz and Todd Schlomer. It operates on the system or principle it calls attraction marketing. MLSP called itself the rock star of the affiliate marketing industry, and it has lived up to the name.

How it Works

It works by training you to sell your own product, which you need before or soon after you start the program with MLSP. You can also earn passively, when you refer other people to the program. The training utilizes, among others, webinars and video presentations as your basic tools. You are also introduced to the more advanced tools for website building, social media management, sales funnel creation, and traffic attraction or generation.

The Pros

One of the biggest pros is that MLSP gives you a lot more information and training than the usual affiliate marketing company. There are free webinars every week to update members—a big plus considering that the landscape of internet marketing could change so quickly in just a matter of days. This keeps you updated and on your toes.

The MLSP’s program is also excellent in motivating its members. There are regular contests which are held to make sure the members always get a dose of healthy competition. Members who excel are also recognized through the ‘Member of the Month Award,’ to show that good work pays well.

MLSP’s support service is also excellent. Many affiliate networking companies will leave you out in the cold once they’ve taken your cash, but not MLSP. There are the usual customer service channels for communication which are always open, but you can also connect with other members if you need help.

The Cons

Of course, in the spirit of an honest review, the disadvantages must also be listed here. For instance, many people complain that the program is overpriced. The program could cost as much as $1,499.97 per year; but considering the training you are given, this is already a bargain.

There are also numerous accusations of MLSP being a scam, as mentioned earlier (and as will be elaborated on later). This could be discouraging not only for those thinking about joining, but for your future clientele as well.

The Verdict

Now, it must be clarified that MLSP is a legitimate means of making money through an affiliate marketing company. It is true that you have to recruit more people if you want a little incentive, but you can do just the same by selling more products—the key, then, is to strike a healthy balance between the two.

While the products could seem pricey, consider it to be a necessary investment in your future as an entrepreneur. Remember, it takes money to make money; and as far as investments go, this is already a no-brainer.

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The Pros and Cons of Network Marketing

You’d think that after all the years that multi-level or network marketing has been around (it all started circa 1920s), people would by now be clear on what the strategy does and does not do. Unfortunately, this is not the case; there is still a lot of uncertainty about MLM. Try asking three of your friends what multi-level marketing is, and odds are at least one of them would say it’s a scam. One might say it’s simply another marketing strategy, and that it’s a good venture to go into.

Just a piece of friendly advice: stick with that friend. Because while there are many misconceptions regarding multi-level marketing and companies like My Lead System Pro which use MLM, what is clear is that it works when done properly. The strategy will not persist this long if it cannot earn money. There are, however, some pros and cons in joining a network marketing venture, and here are some of them.


It makes you work smart, not hard. It’s a common saying nowadays—sadly not a common practice, however. With network marketing, you are not just simply selling your product. You can create a downline that will help you earn passively. This means as long as the people you recruit are earning, you can also earn via commission based on the company’s structure.

It trains you for success. What is often overlooked is the fact that network marketing trains you for the skills you need in setting up and maintaining your own business. Too many people focus on lengthening their downlines or recruiting more and more salespeople just to get the incentives. If you look more closely, however, you will see that you are being trained to sell, to motivate yourself, to manage your precious time, and create connections—all of which are crucial to any business.

Although the material benefits are important, even more important is the self-improvement you will be going through; after all, this could even be priceless in the long run.


It looks a lot like a scam. This is the most common problem with network marketing ventures these days. Since you get to earn more with less effort, it’s a scam, right? Wrong. There are legitimate ways of earning money through MLM, as many who dared have found out. However, it is also true that many scammers pretend to be multi-level marketers, which could make it difficult to find those who operate legitimately, like My Lead System Pro.

Too many people focus on the wrong thing. This could be discouraging both for those inside and outside the network marketing company. Imagine if you end up in a company that prioritizes recruitment more than selling, when it should be the other way around. This might be contagious; soon, you will be focusing more on trying to evangelize recruits instead of developing your skills and putting it into good use by actually selling.

Remember that all ventures or strategies have their advantages and disadvantages; the key is to be thoroughly informed so that you will have no regrets in the future.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

How to Avoid Scams And Marketing Mistakes

There’s no lying about it—whatever those websites and glowing reviews tell you, scams pretending to be multi-level marketing schemes are very real. This is an uncomfortable truth even those legitimate multi-level marketers have to deal with, especially when they are selling their products.

This is not to say that all multi-level marketing companies are scammers and are simply out there to get you. There are legitimate companies that run on a multi-level marketing strategy, and are out to create a good network of like-minded people that they can train and set up for success.

One of the most common marketing mistakes is to immediately dismiss strategies such as these as pure scam. But now we’re on the subject, here are some ways to avoid scams when trying out multi-level marketing schemes.

If it is a common mistake to dismiss and avoid multi-level marketing as just scam, it is also one of the most common marketing mistakes to jump on the first company that offers you quick cash with less effort. Remember that money requires effort—often, a lot of it. The legitimate companies like My Lead System Pro would tell you that you do have to work hard and that money will not just pour in onto your lap. You’ll have to work hard, but the legitimate multi-level marketer will be there to teach you how.

Keep your expectations reasonable as well. Don’t expect to get rich in a day, or in a week. Don’t expect to get rich just by sitting around and waiting for your recruits to earn for you. As we said earlier, it’s going to take real work.

By keeping your expectations reasonable, you won’t be easily swayed by scammers who often make marketing mistakes (sometimes people are just too blind to see them) like promising you the heaven, when in truth you end up in hell.

You should also know where to focus. The bad rap that multi-level marketing gets is due to many of its members focusing on recruiting instead of training and selling—again, these are common marketing mistakes. Keep in mind that the incentive for recruiting is just that: an incentive. The primary focus should be on the training, and on how to harness that training to help you earn more.

Focus on making connections—it is less about the connections themselves, and more about how you make them. In the end, you will realize that the skills you learn through multi-level marketers like MLSP matter more than the number of recruits you brought in or the amount of commissions you got from the notorious downline.

Lastly, do your homework. Don’t jump at the first company that you see. Research on these companies thoroughly, and stick to one that has a good reputation. Try searching for companies like MLSP, and see what members say about them. You can also ask around—after all, many of sales in strategies such as these do not happen online, they happen the traditional way. 

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ensure Your Extra Income: What to Look For in a Multi-Level Marketing Company

It is the common line of multi-level marketers (or network marketers, or affiliate marketers—they seem to have a lot of names these days): dazzling sums of extra income, for less effort. But really, does it work? It sounds a lot like a scam—and in fact many of those pretending to be multi-level marketers are just plain scammers (this is to the detriment of legitimate businesses like My Lead System Pro, more affectionately known as MLSP).

Now, if you are trying to pick on multi-level marketing company to bet on, here are some things to look for.

First, keep in mind: honesty is the best policy. Make sure that the company you join is always upfront. There should be no hidden charges, no sudden fees, and no unexplainable payments. There should also be no exaggerated claims about your earning potential—be suspicious when you are offered fantastic sums in extra income. Check on its reputation to see if it is known for its honesty or otherwise.

Next, look at their products and services. See for yourself if these products and services are actually good. This is because you have to know and believe that your products and services are worth the effort of selling, and worth your potential customer’s money. If you don’t believe in the product or service you offer, you are going to have problems in selling. It’s hard to lie through your teeth to a customer, even for extra income.

Third, check if the multi-level marketing company is distributor-driven. That is, the company should always be taking into consideration its members, especially when making tough, high-level decisions. You should always be represented when the company makes its decisions, and its moves should always benefit you. After all, you are its biggest asset. Make sure you find a company that realizes that.

Fourth, see if company’s management is good. This is more than style—many executives can achieve the same thing with different approaches. The key here is to find management that will genuinely help you out whether you’re a veteran or just starting in the industry.

Fifth, see if the company has a good support mechanism. You have to be able to reach the company anytime you have problems. It is also a big plus if the company allows and even encourage its members to interact with each other and even learn from one another.

Sixth, make sure the company focuses on the right thing. Extra income is great, but your focus should be on improving yourself and selling. As in all businesses, money is a good motivator but it is not the sole end of your entering into a multi-level marketing business. 

Keep in mind that these are just some of the things to look for when choosing a multi-level marketing company—there are some other factors that would come into play. This, however, is a good start already. Just do your research well, and you will have no problem picking the right multi-level marketing company for you. 

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The Different Types Of Affiliate Marketing

How To Choose Affiliate Banners For Your Site

Internet affiliate marketing is a relatively recent concept, but internet affiliate marketing has often worked out quite well for many different business owners who have given affiliate marketing a try. Internet affiliate marketing often brings to mind ideas of affiliate marketing banners posted on one's website, and although there are other ways of utilizing affiliate marketing, this is probably the most common.

If you are looking for affiliate marketing banners to place on your website, it is important that you try to pick the correct affiliate marketing banners. Some affiliate marketing banners are very colorful and full of graphics aimed at targeting your customer base, who may be interested in the affiliate marketing products or services. However, these involved affiliate marketing banners often do not produce very good affiliate marketing results. One of the reasons for this is because the affiliate marketing banner that is so full of color, fancy text, pictures, etc. can take too long to load on many computers, thus defeating the whole idea behind the affiliate marketing strategy. It may be more worth your affiliate marketing time and money to find affiliate marketing banners that are based around text. Many business owners who have used internet affiliate marketing have discovered that these text based affiliate marketing banners do not have any less of a click rate than other affiliate marketing banners. These text affiliate marketing links and banners are also probably less bothersome to your customers. It is also recommended that you be careful with the flashing affiliate marketing banners and blinking affiliate marketing banners. Although these affiliate marketing tools can sometimes cause more clicks from your affiliate marketing target audience, these affiliate marketing tools are also quite bothersome.

If there are affiliate marketing graphic ads that you decide to use as part of affiliate marketing strategies on your website, it will be wise to try to make sure that the affiliate marketing advertisement fits in with the theme colors and ideas of your site as much as possible. This will help the affiliate marketing enhance rather than distract from your own website. Affiliate marketing banners and affiliate marketing text links are definitely helpful for those interested in affiliate marketing.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Make More Money With Multi-Level Marketing and My Lead System Pro

Much has been said about multi-level marketing already, although some people still seem confused by the concept. However, deep down, we all just want to know one thing: if it works, how do you make more money out of it?

First, a quick primer for the uninitiated—multi-level marketing works by helping and assisting other entrepreneurs, both newcomers and veterans, in building their own businesses. The management is paid for coaching and training and you, and leverages your time; you can also do the same. You earn when you use your training to show your own products and services, plus you get incentives when you refer other people to the networking company.

So, again, how do you make more money out of it?

Many newbies in the industry think that the more they recruit, the more they will earn. An easy enough assumption to make, but this is not always the case. Remember that quality is always better than quantity. When you recruit or refer other people, do not just do it so you can earn more via the incentive you receive. Make sure you make genuine connections, and make sure you find like-minded people who are also willing to work to make their businesses flourish.

Aside from finding good recruits, you should also choose your partners well. Find companies with a good reputation, like My Lead System Pro. Many multi-level marketers will offer you dazzling sums with no effort at all. While these outrageous claims are so transparent, some people get easily blinded by the dazzle.

Thus, it is important to make sure you find a partner that is reliable and upfront with you. After all, this partner will also be the one to help you out as you learn the ropes of the industry. When you are recruiting, think of yourself in the same way. You could be make or break for the newbies, so make sure you do your job well.

Next, outline a feasible strategy for growth. Many people go unthinkingly into multi-level marketing ventures without a clear plan for developing not only the venture but also themselves. Make sure you plan out what you intend to achieve.

This way, you can have a clear goal and you can have standards by which you can measure your performance. If you want to make more money, it must be clear how you plan to do it. Even multi-level marketing is just a tool; it is not an automatic dispenser of money.

Lastly, keep your head grounded. Do not expect too much—when your expectations are reasonable, you are bound to make more rational decisions. Don’t be dazzled by the promise of too much wealth. Keep your sights within reasonable bounds, then work your way steadily up.

Everybody dreams and wants to make more money, but remember: never hope more than you work. The same principle applies to the question as to whether the strategy can make money for you. It can, and it will, as long as you keep on putting in the work.

Thomas Wallace
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

It's All About Your Team

Power Lead System Helps You Train Your Down Line.

If you run an ONLINE MARKETING company, you possibly really feel a little of exhilaration every time somebody indications up for your down line. That signup suggests you have one additional individual which will certainly assist you make cash.

Due to the fact that you are neglecting one quite essential factor, you require to place on the brakes just before you go around your day. Your team is everything. Your network advertising and marketing company will certainly fall short if you fall short to educate your down line.  This is where the Power Lead System comes to your rescue.

Ways to Train Your Team

You could not educate your team if you do not understand exactly how to do well with network marketing. That suggests you discover every little thing regarding network marketing while you begin to build your team . You will be taught how to build and work with your team as your company begins to grow.

Learning the Tricks of the Trade

You will certainly have accessibility to all of the training you require for your business as soon as you sign up for the Power Lead System. The system will certainly assist you with every little thing, from creating many leads each day to producing a strong e-mail advertising project. You will certainly be all set to work with your down line and build a very strong and profitable team.

The Training

You could not educate your down line if you do not recognize just how to do well with network advertising. When you join the Power Lead System, you will certainly have accessibility to all of the training you require for your network marketing company. When you find out the ropes, you will certainly be prepared to educate your down line.

If you run a NETWORK MARKETING company, you most likely really feel a little bit of enjoyment every time an individual joins your team. If you fall short to educate your down line, your network advertising company will certainly fall short.

While some lead systems simply concentrate on developing the down line, Power Lead System concentrates on constructing a company. Sign up for the system and discover exactly how to produce an effective network advertising and marketing company.  You can easily use this system to promote other businesses and get hundreds of leads for your other companies.  I use this system to help my other business MLSP.  They work very well together.

You will also see the training products that helps the person you sponsored to become even more successful than you imagined.

Supplying the training to your potential customers is basic with the Power Lead System. They will certainly have accessibility to the total collection of training products when they join you and the team. You certainly can learn a great deal of advertising and marketing skills for a lot less than taking college courses.  The best part you will sponsor other people and make money at the same time.  Now that's a win - win.

If you would like to check out the Power Lead System go here:   http://www.thomas-wallace85.com

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Power of Network Marketing

In most countries, you work your entire life or until you accumulate enough funds so you can live comfortably until you die. Living on social security would not be an option to living comfortably.

When you are living in the home of your choice and driving the car of your choice with no car, credit cards or other bills of this sort-- basically no major bills-- when you are in this situation and have $10,000 coming to you each and every month whether you get out of bed or not, you would have a lifestyle better than most millionaires.

For most people to have $10,000 coming in every month, it would take approximately 2,400,000 at
5 % interest. Cut this in half - $1,200,000 to allow you to have $5,000 per month.

How many people do you know who could accumulate $1,200,000 to $2,400,000 by the time they retire?

A person in network marketing can in 2 to 5 years build a part-time income of $5,000 to $10,000 per month. This money will spend the same as the money they would get from 5 % interest on $1,200,000 to $2,400,000.

This is an example of where you could be in 2 to 5 years with your residual income. Let's look at the first few months to one year; it takes $48,000 in the bank to produce a $200 monthly income. ASSUMING you are earning 5 %. This is probably too high because, when was the last time 5 % interest was available from your bank? How many people do you know that could save $48,000 in 3 months? Almost anyone using our system, could build an organization that would pay them $200 per month. Let's look at the first few months to one year; it takes $48,000 in the bank to produce a $200 monthly income. How many people do you know that could save $48,000 in 3 months? Almost anyone using our system, could build an organization that would pay them $200 per month.

How many people do you know that could save $3,000 to $6,000 per month? Most people would say no one. How many people do you know that could sponsor one friend a month and teach them to do the same with less than a minute presentation?

If you only sponsored one friend a month and taught your people to do the same, your organization would look like this:

1                                       2
2                                       4
3                                       8
4                                     16
5                                     32
6                                     64
7                                    128
8                                    256
9                                    512
10                                 1,024
11                                 2,048
12                                 4,096

What if you only did this once a year and taught your people to do the same? You would be financially independent by the end of 12 years. One a month would get you there, are you ready for this ... ... wait for it ... ... ... ONE YEAR!  That's right, one year to retirement!

Network Marketing is not a numbers game like sales. A salesperson goes to work for a sales manager. Network Marketing is the opposite. You go to work for yourself and the people you sponsor. You choose who you go to work for! Network Marketing is not a numbers game like sales. Network Marketing is the opposite and much more fun!

What you really need to do to be successful in network marketing can be summed up in two sentences:

1. Talk to your friends or make a friend (if you don't have any).
2. Meet their friends.

I don't understand why everyone isn't in network marketing when you look at Network Marketing like this.


  • Another day of waking up to that dreaded alarm clock?
  • Another day of your children at day care?
  • Another day of going to work for someone else?
  • Another day not spent with your family?
  • Another year without a vacation or the time to just go have fun?
  • Another day spent in fear of your future?


  • Waking up with a new outlook on life!
  • Being there to see your children and or grand children grow up!
  • Working for yourself!
  • Having time to spend with your family!
  • The time and money to take vacations!
  • Making real plans for your future!

When you are living as close to debt free as you want and getting out of bed when you want is a lifestyle better than most millionaires.

How many people do you know that could save $48,000 in 3 months? How many people do you know that could sponsor one friend a month and teach them to do the same with less than a minute presentation?

Here's a reminder, sponsoring one person a month would get you there, are you ready for this ... ... you know the answer ... ... ... ONE YEAR!

Now that you see the power of network marketing, do you think you and your friends deserve to enjoy your lives?  I think you would agree the answer is YES!

If you would like a little more info contact me:  http://www.thomas-wallace85.com

Thomas Wallace
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