Monday, January 26, 2015

Business Fact: You're Not Selling Products

About 95% of humans cannot sell. The main reason why many people are having second thoughts about joining multi-level marketing or MLM companies is FEAR, particularly fear of selling.

To start with, fear of selling is an understandable and valid fear. Nobody wants to be seen as a desperate marketer trying to make money to put food on the table. But you should know that those who achieved success and earned their first million in MLM overcame this fear.

Instead of jumping into the bandwagon and avoiding selling like the majority, you can understand your fear to fight it and start unleashing your potential in this kind of business.

The easiest way you can do today is to know in-depth the psychology of fear. You need to ask yourself what is the basis of your fear. It is more likely that you are not afraid of selling itself, because it could give you money. There’s something that is associated with selling that you are really afraid of.

Do you enjoy rejection when you can’t close a sale? Most people don’t. You need to realize that when customers decline your offer, it’s not a “no” against yourself, so don’t take things personally.

People tend to make decisions on what will give them pleasure or pain. We are often driven by the perception of reality because as complex creatures, we try to analyze what will happen next. But anything of value requires you to level up.

Most potential customers who said no have been converted into loyal customers. Marketers should learn that a “no” can mean “I’m not yet ready for your offer”. So never totally erase the prospect from your list. There’s no harm in asking what is holding them back. Politely find out about their objections and hesitation.

It is a common advice that marketers should start selling to their friends and family. But this advice often triggers one factor that is associated with selling - the image of being a pushy person.

Forget about  the image of a smiling salesman going door to door to offer encyclopedias. That’s legendary throwback, buddy. Working in the network marketing industry is not about bothering people. It is about identifying a need and providing a solution.

Forget about the image of a talkative salesman. Network marketers must learn how to listen. Encourage the prospect to talk with you. Ask questions to get to know the prospect. You will certainly find it extra difficult to sell if you know nothing about the person. Build a relationship first, because most customers today prefer to do business with those they are familiar with.  The person you're talking to must feel they can trust you.  The biggest thing you're selling to that person is your trustworthiness and working with you can only bring success to that person.

Are you not comfortable accepting money by selling your products? If you are, there’s a high chance that your products are not really valuable or you have not actually tried using the product. If you can’t show passion and faith in your products and your business, your prospect will never get excited to listen to you.

In conclusion, you need to overcome your fear of selling yourself to people.  The network marketing industry is growing and could use a great person like you!